When we talk about Sicily, or more specifically about holidays in Sicily, Taormina always features prominently. Everyone wants to visit Taormina and in fact it is one of the cities in Sicily that attracts the greatest number of tourists every year.

Travellers choose Taormina mainly because it is a beautiful town.
Taormina sits harmoniously on the cliffs, from which it looks out to the sea, the water’s edge below it fades into the white beaches that squeeze through the gorges of the cliffs, which stretch out to touch the small emerged spots in seawater.

The heart of Taormina naturally completes this scenario, elegant and refined as if time had never touched this historical centre.
The town is cosy, many of the streets are narrow, but they are all characteristic, some with small restaurants with tables on the pavement to enjoy an excellent speciality while shaded by the plants.

Taormina is a triumph of colours : the amazing clear sky blending with the blue of the water that placidly breaks against the cliffs, on which stand the vestiges of a great past, represented by the ruins of the Greek Theatre; the warm colour of the beaches and finally the soft, delicate colours of the houses set in the brilliant green of the vegetation that complements the splendid natural scenery.

There are many reasons to visit Taormina, so we are glad to give you more details.

The Greek Theatre

The Greek Theatre is one of the must see in Taormina. It was built in the 3rd century BC and later taken over by the Romans, who used to organise summer performances there. It stands on a hill above the sea so you can enjoy a fabulous view that embraces Capo Taormina and Isola Bella. An excellent place to take memorable photos.

The medieval area

You cannot miss the medieval area, where you can admire the Clock Tower, located in Piazza IX Aprile. Corso Umberto is the main street that crosses the whole center of the town, perfect place for shopping.
Reach Piazza Vittorio Emanuele for a visit to the Museum of Sicilian Arts and Traditions, where you can see pieces of artistic craftsmanship, such as devotional wooden sculptures, nativity scenes, anthropomorphic ceramics, elaborate pieces of Sicilian carts and posters of the puppet opera.

Piazza Duomo

Piazza Duomo is one of Taormina’s meeting places, it features a beautiful Baroque fountain with a centaur and the 15th-century Church of San Nicola.

Villa Comunale of Taormina

The public gardens were created by Lady Florence Trevelyan Cacciola, an English woman passionate about botanics, who planted rare plants species, creating a triumph of flowers and beauty.